History of Organization:

The Ideal Candidate is a non-for-profit organization that fosters Black and Latinx leadership through educational workforce training and professional development. It is its mission to improve outcomes for neglected communities & diversifying industries through a free and educational workforce training and placement program in the Chicagoland area. By 2025, Ideal Candidate plans to impact the lives of 1 million Black and Latinx youth through its programming.

This program was established to promote business education, etiquette, and self-sufficiency skills among Black & Latinx students and address the country’s structurally racist labor market. This is a program for students interested in learning more about succeeding in life after high school and becoming a successful professional. The program’s curriculum focuses on corporate integration, etiquette, financial literacy, communication strengthening, and leadership training. More than 650 students have been impacted since 2018 and current programming reaches students from the Chicagoland area, Evanston, and South Suburbs

About The Founder

Kevin P.Davenport

Kevin P. Davenport is the Founder & President of The Ideal Candidate NFP, Co-Founder of Ideal Digital Chicago & Author of The Ideal Candidate Book. Kevin has over 10 years of socio-economic development, public speaking, & personal development training experience. Kevin is recognized by the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives as: Certified Nonprofit Consultant, Certified Nonprofit Executive, & Certified Development Executive. Kevin grew up dyslexic and with ADD so he connects with students from that perspective and speaks life into students that didn’t value their unique minds. Finally, Kevin is an athlete. In highschool he had scholarship for soccer, baseball, track, & football and ultimately decided on soccer where he played for Lewis University and won 3rd in the nation NCAA Division II his junior year. Kevin loves incorporating his experiences to promote overcoming obstacles. Kevin is a social impact entrepreneur dedicated to investing in Black and Latinx lives.

Meet The Team

Kevin P. DavenportFounder & President
Betsy GreenBoard Chair
Tiffany HightowerBoard Vice Chair
Renita AlexanderBoard Secreatory
Sylvia MavajiBoard member
Ja’Shar HartleyBoard Member
Dania CorralBoard Member
Josh GeorgeffBoard Member
Shelby ParchmanBoard Member
Olivia EstradaBoard Member
Michael VanBoard Member