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The Ideal Candidate

Employers are forced to source for hard skills, while it becomes harder to source for soft skills.
We solve this problem.

Grow Your Program

We help colleges and universities to enhance their program outcomes.

We specialize in helping organizations expand their training offerings and employer connections. 

Let us assist your organization in growing and scaling to the next level.

67% Are Looking

"At least 67% of candidates claimed that workplace diversity is an essential factor when they’re looking for job opportunities."


The Ideal Candidate is devoted to helping connect qualified candidates with employers to help impact their business initiatives and assist with their diverse representation.

We strategically find, train, & place candidates nationally in positions with our exclusive group of inclusive hiring partners.

Let us help your university reach it's outcomes. The Ideal Candidate.

Fieldtrips For 

Fieldtrips are a great way for your students to gain direct exposure to diverse leaders and different industries.


Leadership Panels

Exposure to diverse leadership is key for personal development. Fieldtrip not in your budget?

We can bring dynamic speakers to you. 

Training Tools

We offer flexible learning tools to enhance your programs outcomes. Impact partnerships are the future, let's build together.

The Ideal Candidate Book


Self-sufficiency, soft skills, and financial literacy are key in all professions.


Special Features:

14 Subject Matter Experts Advice

30 Day Gratitude Journal for Mindset & Habit Training

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Online Certificate.png

The Ideal Candidate Online Certificate

Workforce Ready

Workforce training from diverse leaders that focuses on: Executive Presence, Communication Mastery, Financial Literacy, Social Media Etiquette, Table Manners, Dress For Success, & More.

Special Features:

Individual Student Logins

25 Subject Matter Experts Advice

Micro Multi-Modal Learning 

Our founder Kevin was born with ADD & Dyslexia, so he created the learning tools to be disseminated in quick highly specific bursts of content and in varying styles to promote the highest level of learning and engagement for all learning styles. 


Simulator Workshops

Simulator workshops take students into practical scenarios so they can practice: table manners, dress for success, and executive presence like they would at a business lunch or charity gala for example. 

White Label
The Curriculum

Want everything on brand? Ask us about our white label service. This is our most premium option where we provide your organization with our training material & we run a train the trainer workshop to ensure your staff is ready to go.


We Are a Proud
University of Chicago Internship Partner



Chicago Public Schools, Public Affairs

"We are happy having The Ideal Candidate as a professional training resource."

Lewis University, Career Services

"We are a proud partner of
The Ideal Candidate program."

City of Evanston, Parks & Recs

"The Ideal Candidate book and in-person training was phenomenal."


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