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The Ideal Candidate

Employers are forced to source for hard skills, while it becomes harder to source for soft skills.
We solve this problem.

How We Give Back

The Ideal Candidate NFP is the non-for-profit arm of The Ideal Candidate and fosters Black and Latino leadership through free educational workforce training and professional development.


Our mission is to improve outcomes for neglected communities & diversifying industries through a free and educational workforce training and placement program in the Chicagoland area. By 2025, Ideal Candidate plans to impact the lives of 1 million Black and Latino youth through its programming.

Our Programs

Ideal Career Champions

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The Ideal Candidate curriculum was created by the nations leading subject matter experts. Ideal Career Champions help in a variety of ways including: curriculum development, mentoring, panel discussions, fundraising, coordinating fieldtrips, & coordinating corporate partner introductions.

Executive Board of Directors

The Team Behind The Impact

The Executive Board of Directors are the visonaries behind The Ideal Candidate NFP's impact and outcomes. This small group of passionate leaders are the secret sauce behind our success as an impact organization.



My name is Kevin P. Davenport

I'm the proud Founder, Author, & CEO for The Ideal Candidate. I'm grateful to do this impact work and live in my purpose. & I'm grateful to the board of directors, career champions, volunteers, and community supporters that make this possible. Thank you.

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