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Innovative Solutions, Reliable Talent, Community Focused

The Ideal Candidate is different from the other companies because we started off our first 7 years solely as a non-profit organization.The Ideal Candidate has grown to become an award-winning diversity training and placement agency with a non-profit arm to continue our impact with a free employer assistance program. ​The Ideal Candidate is widely recognized as one of the industry’s fastest growing staffing agencies. Thanks to our longstanding experience in various industries, we have the capacity to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with all our clients. Our success is a result of our commitment to the best people, the best solutions, the best results, and being community focused.We invite you to contact one of our team members. They are committed to providing you, our clients, with an experience focused on what you value most. Get in touch with us today and move one step closer to achieving your employment goals.

Meet the Executive Team

The Ideal Candidate is made up of a team that has years of experience in the industry and are ready and willing to pass on our recruitment knowledge to all of our clients. Find out more about our qualified and passionate crew members and see why we’re recognized

as one of the best employment agencies in the nation. 


Communications Specialist

Quinton Arthur

Quinton leads our communication strategy and helps The Ideal Candidate get noticed.

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Veteran Affairs Specialist

Dania Corral

Dania leads the veteran programs and impact initiatives for The Ideal Candidate.

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Placement Specialist

Katya Najarro

Katya leads our placement strategy and execution to help Ideal Candidates get hired.

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Founder & CEO

Kevin P. Davenport

Kevin leads the corporate partnerships, operations, & impact for The Ideal Candidate.

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