The Ideal Candidate is an award winning nonprofit training academy that connects diverse talent to corporate partners.
Improving outcomes for neglected communities & diversifying industries through a free training and placement program

Why Is This Important?

Compared to every major city in America, Chicago has the highest out ofschool, out of work percentage for black and brown youth, ages 16-24.
Chicago Tribune – Racial Employment Gap 2018

Why Is This Important?

Young people tell us, based on their experiences and knowledge, that they believe there is a connection between joblessness and crime in their neighborhoods.
University of Chicago – Abandoned In Their Neighborhoods 2017

Why Is This Important?

youth joblessness continues to be disproportionately felt by young people of color, especially black males; that it is chronic and concentrated.
University of Chicago – Abandoned In Their Neighborhoods 2017

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    The Process

    Social Emotional Learning

    Multimodal Micro Learning

    Communication & Soft Skills

    Self-Sufficiency Skills

    Corporate Integration

    Financial Literacy

    Field Trips To Hiring Partners

    Field Trips To Education Partners

    Placement in Paying Jobs

    1 year

    What Are People Saying?

    I’m confident I will excel in any work environment after graduating The Ideal Candidate Program.

    The Student Claudia Nunez
    Ideal Candidate

    The Ideal Candidate is an amazing resource for our hiring

    The Partner Dan Abrego

    The Ideal Candidate is a leader in youth advocacy and social justice across Chicago.

    The Community Lamont Robinson
    State Rep 5th District

    Why Our Platform?

    Our E-Learning platform is unique because our training covers self-sufficiency, financial literacy, and workplace preparation & will allow users to engage in learning on their own time

    The Ideal Candidate Certificate (Online) will be licensed to our education and non profit partners and clients.

    We anticipate 15,000 graduates by the end of 2022

    The Ideal Candidate Partners